The Maharaj Institute

of Immune Regenerative Medicine

A healthy immune system is undeniably the most powerful weapon available in the fight against illness. Taking a personalized and precise approach, the Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine applies more than three decades of advanced stem cell treatment and highly specialized expertise in the treatment of blood and immune disorders to maximize the health and effectiveness of the body’s natural defense system.

The Challenge We All Face

Waning of the Power of the Immune System.

A healthy immune system does a truly remarkable job of fighting illness and keeping disease at bay. But, as we age, the immune system progressively weakens, breaking down our body’s ability to actively survey and battle illness. However, if we can identify and reverse conditions that promote inflammation and drive unhealthy aging and boost immune function, we may overcome illness and have a better quality of life through health preservation.

We welcome patients from overseas and from all over the country, including Boston, Texas, Florida, California and New York City.

The Maharaj Institute Provides Groundbreaking Immune Regenerative Medicine for Patients

Diagnosing and Treating Diseases

Many people suffering with cancer and diseases associated with immune dysfunction, such as lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, solid tumors, recurrent infections, neurodegenerative disorders and other chronic diseases, have turned to the Maharaj Institute in the hope of finding a more favorable prognosis and better quality of life. For such patients, the treatment goal is to identify and manage causes of inflammation, improve the performance of their immune system, to enable them to combat disease and restore the body to health.

Preservation and Prevention to Extend Healthy Living

The Maharaj Institute provides personalized, proactive clinical care management options that enhance critical immune function. Families and individuals interested in healthy aging can benefit from an in depth screening and evaluation that goes beyond the usual routine blood tests to identify root causes of inflammation that leads to immune dysfunction. A major option for adults is the collection and storage of their own stem cells and plasma for future use. For the newborns in the family, collection and storage of stem cell-rich cord blood and cord tissue is also available.

Pioneering Immune Regenerative Medicine

Meet Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj, MB.Ch.B.(Glasg.), MD (Glasg.), FRCP (Glasg.), FRCP (Edin.), FRCPath, FACP

With a personal desire to make a truly positive impact on people’s lives, Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj chose to study Internal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation because that is where he felt he could make a real difference in the quality and advancement of health care. As a core component of that commitment, he has maintained a career-long dedication to research and learning and he has earned an impressive list of advanced degrees from some of the most respected medical schools and academic institutions in the world.

“Ask our patients

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