The Challenge We All Face …

Waning of the Defensive and Restorative Power of the Immune System

A healthy immune system does a truly remarkable job of fighting illness and keeping disease at bay throughout life. But, as we age and conditions that promote inflammation increase, the immune system progressively weakens, breaking down its ability to actively survey and battle illness.

Healthcare is experiencing a growing crisis as conventional treatments reach their limitations and the aging population in the United States continues to expand. By 2030, healthcare spending will increase by 25%, largely due to the advanced age of the population and age-related illness. Medicare spending is projected to increase 63% from $555 billion in 2011 to $903 billion in 2020.

However, if we can decrease the potential causes of inflammation (poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, smoking, alcohol abuse, chronic viral and bacterial infections, declining hormones, exposure to toxins...) and boost immune function, there is tremendous promise in maximizing the body’s own power to overcome illness and improve quality of life, even into old age, through health preservation.

What is Immune Regenerative Medicine?

What is The Immune System?

What are Stem Cells?

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