Below is recent news about the Institute, our patients, and advances in stem cell research and immune regenerative medicine."




Personalized Precision Immunotherapy:

Novel treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 




Molecular Remission Using Low-Dose Immunotherapy with Minimal Toxicities for Poor Prognosis IGHV- Unmutated Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 





Personalized Precision Immunotherapy:

New Hope for Defeating Deadly Cancer

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Your Immune System and the Coronavirus

Health and Wellness Magazine


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Stem Cell Banking and Cancer Therapy by Dr. Maharaj


Download the article – Special Report: Medical breakthrough killing cancer – Skin / Deep (Treatment Using Stem Cells Helps Scleroderma Patients)

CCTV American – Stem cell storage provides “back-up” for immune system


 Life Extension Magazine: A Pioneering Treatment for Scleroderma… An Incurable Disease – Special Report: Natural born killers 

CafeMom Studios on YouTube – Suzanne Sommers Interview with Dr. Maharaj

International Opulence – Proactive Anti-Aging With Stem Cell Immunotherapy

Legatus Magazine – Stem Cell Miracle